"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for all of your help with the tops for the Kelly Residence. This is a personal friend and he could'nt be happier with his new tops. He called me receently to tell me how extremely pleased he was and how the installers were very professional and did a great job! Thanks again for everything!"
Mike M.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does natural stone come from?

Our natural stone comes from all over the world. The majority of our granite comes from Brazil and India. Some of the exotic stones come from Africa, Russia and Siberia. Our marble mostly comes from Italy, China, Turkey, Greece and Spain. We also have acquired many natural stones from the United States. The main quarries are located in New York, Alabama and Virginia.

How do I begin the process of purchasing my new countertops?

The first step would be to visit our showroom and speak to one of our design experts. We encourage you to bring samples of cabinets, floor or any other color scheme for your project. Also, take preliminary measurements of your countertops so our designers can give you an approximate square footage of your purchase. Next, you will be able to view slabs of current lots and make your selection. We can also provide you with samples to take home. When you have selected your stone, we will tag and label your slab for reservation. Once your purchase has been finalized, we will schedule one of our qualified estimators to visit your home at your convenience, to take final measurements of your project. Shortly after, your installation will be scheduled. The process is simple and organized. Communication is the key and we will always keep you informed of your job status throughout the entire process.

Can you stain granite?

Granite is highly resistant to staining. All natural stones must be treated with a sealer prior to installation. Proper maintenance and simple rules are critical in preserving your stone counters. We provide all of our customers with a "Care Instruction Sheet" at the time of installation.

Can you chip or break granite?

Granite can not be easily scratched or cracked. If you cut on your granite, you will not scratch it, but you will dull your knives! Granite is one of the hardest stones available. You can only chip or crack granite in cases of abuse or impact of heavy tools.

How can I clean my stone?
A general rule is to treat your new stone counters like your diamond ring or precious jewelry. Soap and water is best. For heavy build up, use a stone cleaner. This can be purchased at our location, at any hardware store, and even your grocery store.
I am concerned with sanitizing the stone, especially after meat preparation, what do I do?

You should clean your granite as you would any countertop material. As with any food preparation surface, always clean meat juice thoroughly. Wash with soap and hot water, and rinse with a different sponge or towel. This will remove any bacteria on stone surface. The minerals in granite are toxic to bacteria, because they deny them an environment in which to live or grow. You can always purchase a stone cleaner / disinfector from a local store to keep on hand for extra cleaning.

May I use my existing sink and faucet?

Absolutely! It is common with any new countertop to use an under mount bowl design to maximize the beauty of your new counters. Some drop-in sinks can not be converted into an under mount, so ask one of our Sales Associates if you are able to use your current sink. Single hole faucets are also used to minimize clutter and maximize utility.

How many seams will I have?
Stone & Tile World always tries to have the least amount of seams possible. Depending on your kitchen layout and slab size, our Estimator will determine if you will have any seams and the location of the seam(s). In general, seams will always be visible but typically are not larger than 1/8" of an inch. The special epoxy used will blend in with the stone color and will provide a long lasting secure joint.
Who removes my current countertops and plumbing?

Stone & Tile World is pleased to offer a demolition service which includes removal and disposal of your existing countertops for a nominal fee. We also have licensed Plumbers and Electricians to handle all your disconnecting and reconnecting of your appliances. Ask one of our Sales Associates for more information and pricing.

What thickness is my stone?

All natural stone is pre-cut at the quarry. Typically granite is cut 1 ¼" (3 CM) thick and marble is cut at ¾" (2 CM). Other stones like Travertine, Limestone and Slate are typically cut at ¾" (2 CM) thickness.

Should I make an appointment to visit your showroom?

For our Rockville location, you do not need an appointment. Appointments are always encouraged so that we are able to spend adequate time assessing your needs for your particular project. Our Laurel location is by appointment only, so please call ahead. Our phone number and addresses can be found here.

Need More Information?

Please call, email, or stop by our Rockville showroom during business hours and we would be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

Phone: (301) 231-7777
Email: eddiecastro@verizon.net

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